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B E A U   M I L E S

Award winning filmmaker, average gardener, and hopeless at cooking eggs, Beau is mostly unfashionable. On the recent 350k crossing of Bass Strait in a sea kayak (from Australia’s mainland to Tasmania) he was voted 3rd worst dressed in a party of 3. When 2 more expedition members turned up he was the worst of 5. It was agreed that if 395 more people joined the party, he would be the 400th best dressed. Being offbeat and NQR speaks volumes about how Beau sees the world. Honest, raw, funny, and at times critical, endears Beau to audiences when he talks about expeditionary life amidst the domesticity of home. Past experiences include paddling several thousand kilometers of Africa by Kayak, running 700km across the Australian Alps (Trials of Miles), and recently finding challenge and beauty in the everyday lands between home and work during Man vs Commute.

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The Brilliance of Episode 5, and the hangover of Episode 6

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I write for Trail Runner Magazine every so often as ‘Trail Muse’. I think my way around a particular piece of trail, narrating my world internally, and return to the laptop to write about it. We all do this in some way, regardless of the depth in narrative, or actuality of penning a story in the aftermath. As is the case for Bass by Kayak, I filmed whilst doing, including extensive filming before and after, even now, 12 months after the expedition itself. The film series has at times been like having Turrets. I openly swear at myself on screen as I say...

If you build it, they will come

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Sorry for the Kevin Costner metaphor, but it’s a great movie. Right up there with Dirty Dancing.  I’m dreaming. It’s the usual mix of sexy-time or unfinished business with a bully from childhood (not related dreamscapes). Then I’m at a film showing. The theatre is a small beach cove where the…

Commute loot!

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Pop quiz. How many giant rolls of housing insulation can you fit into a two-door hatchback? One. Pretty crappy quiz I know, but a fun start to the day. I found this giant roll of goodness on the side of the highway. Smack bang in the middle of 6 lanes….

First Maccas in 20 years: idiot.

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Helen and I, a little excited, find ourselves free at a strange time of day. Based on my pestering we head to McDonald’s at the non-mealtime of 2:45pm. Let me explain.  I’ve not purchased anything from the yellow hoops since 1998 due to the combined efforts of running and doing…